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There is nothing quite like a new home. There simply is not a feeling that describes a comfortable and secure home. Owning a home that centers you and your family has a positive affect on your day-to-day lifestyle and allows you to express yourself through your homes individuality. When you walk into a quality home, the feeling starts the moment you open the door. When you buy a new home, you are making statements about how you want to live, your dreams and the memories you make there with family and friends. Building a home is something that you can create, to make it your own.


 A couple of reasons people choose us:


Great design is the way a home feels as you enter it. Designing for your family’s needs, as well as looking into the future to see how your home fits the neighborhood, and how it fits your future. Efficient use of space, room design with furniture placement in mind, and minimizing wasted space all combine to make a house a home. Whether you choose a Stacy Construction design or find one you want to customize, Stacy Construction Inc. has the resources to make the project a success. Great design also means quality, this word gets kicked around a lot but it is evident in the design and the way the home is built. Stacy Construction Inc. is not a production housing business and has actually built homes from the ground up, not just hired the house built. We build one home at a time to ensure that the quality of that home fits Stacy Construction standards and Wayne Stacy is personally involved.


Imaging trying to build your dream home with only a few choices. Neither could we. At Stacy Construction Inc., we pride ourselves in allowing every home we build to be customized to fit the needs of your family. It starts with good floor plans and elevations, and continues with a variety to ways to personalize your home even further. Options and selections for tailoring your home to fit the way you live from flooring and appliances to countertops, lighting and bathroom fixtures, you’ll be inspired by all the choices. Building a home of your choice means building your home with Stacy Construction Inc. and their experience.

Personal Attention:

Possibly the greatest impact on your home owning experience than any other factor is personal attention. It can be difficult to fully appreciate the builder commitment to your satisfaction until after you have made your commitment, but it will show rewards as the process goes forward. With Stacy Construction Inc., you get the builder (myself) as your personal representative throughout the process. I personally oversee every aspect of the creation, design, and build process, and they have to meet my standards because my name is on the home, not only until the house closes, but also far into the future. As a homeowner, you work directly with the person building your home, not some distant superintendent. We have a dedicated group of people we work with through the process that make the experience even greater. At Stacy Construction Inc., we will be the model for the valley’s best homes and our personal attention has made us one of those with our customers. If you would like, ask one of them.

Construction tips:

At Stacy Construction Inc., we do everything possible to make the building process a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We have put together a package called the “Buyers Package”, an ingredient list which outlines the standard options of a home, the locations and allowance sheet that lists people who you will be associating with for items like appliances and lighting, we even have an interior decorator that will assist you though your interior options like flooring, wall color and even window coverings to make the experience even better. There also is a listing of items you may consider with pricing, and listings of things to do through the process from start to finish.

We have a dedicated group of people we work with from marketing agents to mortgage lending agents all eager to assist you with your homebuilding experience.

We sincerely want to be the homebuilder of your choice and would like to meet you to do a personal walk through of one my model homes.


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